What every travel brand needs to know about the student market

When you think of student travel, the image that pops into your head is probably one of gap years and hostels. And while these are still popular options, today’s students are travelling more and spending more on holidays than ever. They are open to all kinds of trips, from city breaks to exotic adventures.


Our research has found that 81% of students take at least one holiday a year, which makes student travel a very lucrative market. University breaks are the first opportunity for many of them to take a holiday as adults, without their family, which means they are booking travel and accommodation for themselves for the first time.

Students living in big cities are the most well travelled, with 44% of them taking two or more holidays per year. The stat is even higher for international students, 68% of whom take at least two holidays. Both city dwellers and international students face higher living and studying costs, which implies they come from wealthier backgrounds, and can afford to travel more often. They also appreciate a faster pace of life, and have an adventurous attitude, which makes them an ideal market for the travel industry.

The amount that students are willing to spend on a holiday varies widely, with just as many prepared to spend big as those who stick to a tight budget. In fact, almost 1 in 10 students will spend over £1000 on travel and accommodation per trip.

When booking a holiday with friends, 78% of students said they usually make bookings as a group rather than individually. This means offering group discounts could be a great way to attract students to travel deals, and incentivise customers to invite more friends to join the trip. Providing ways to make group bookings easier, such as split payments, would also appeal.

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