5 things every student will do during Freshers Week

Freshers season is in full swing, as 2018’s incoming class have already got their university places confirmed and are busy getting everything ready for the big move. However, the real highlight of the student calendar is yet to come: Freshers Week. This refers to the week before classes start, when new students get to explore their campus and meet their classmates before the rest of the student body returns for the autumn term. It usually takes place in mid-to-late September or early October, varying around the UK.

Here’s our guide to the things every new student will do during this all-important, life-changing week...


Try new things

The first few weeks of university is each student’s opportunity to redefine themselves and experiment with their identity, amid the freedom of starting a new life in a new city or town. This could involve trying out a new look, tasting new food and drink, and getting involved in activities they may not have considered before.

Explore their new home

Students who move away from for university will be keen to get to know the place they’ll be hanging out in for the next few years. This means discovering the local area’s best restaurants and bars, shops and attractions, and much more.

Get active on social media

Social media plays a key role in relationship-building for today’s students, who use apps like Instagram and Snapchat to bond with people they’ve met in person, and connect with like-minded students who they might want to meet up with during Freshers Week. This makes Freshers the perfect time to put students at the heart of your brand’s digital marketing strategy.


Spend their student loan

For most undergraduates, the first instalment of their student loan will be the largest lump sum of money they’ve ever received, and that is understandably exciting. While they know they’ll need to make the cash last the term, that’s not to say they can’t splash out on a few treats while their bank balance is looking good!

Get settled on campus

Students who live away from home, on campus or other forms of student accommodation, will want to make their room comfortable and cool, so it represents them well to any visitors. This means getting all the useful homewares, such as kitchen utensils and washing up liquid, and the fun stuff too, like posters and cushions. They’ll be making many of these purchases for the first time, with their brand loyalty up for grabs.

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