The creative new ways students are making money

Growing up in a recession has inspired the current generation of students to be more entrepreneurial than ever before. According to a Student Room survey, 39% of students are considering being self-employed in the future, while research by Viacom found that 70% of Gen Z are positive they will get their dream career regardless of the economy.

There are many impressive examples of companies founded by students, but even more widespread is the growth in students finding creative opportunities to earn money online. Here are some of the ways that young people are using their technological instincts as digital natives to boost their budget and make student life more fun.



A recent report by The Atlantic exposed an undercover economy on Instagram. Teenagers are being paid to promote products on the platform, as smaller, youth-targeted brands implement a micro influencer marketing strategy. These informal arrangements aren’t well paid, but the flexibility and creative element makes this kind of work appealing.


Students who love to own the latest fashion trends have found a smart way to afford to refresh their wardrobe every season: by selling things they no longer want on reselling apps like Depop. The platform is a Gen Z fave as it’s known for 90s and 2000s vintage styles, as well as being an affordable way to get the most sought-after designer labels.

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Bird charging

Bird electric scooters are the new environmentally-friendly transport trend taking off across the US. Each night, the thousands of scooters on the streets of cities such as LA and Atlanta are taken home for recharging by people who sign up as “chargers.” This has become a popular opportunity for students as it’s a flexible, fun way to earn some extra cash.

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