What students want: How employers can attract the next generation of talent

Today’s students will go on to be the business leaders of tomorrow, with graduates typically earning 48% more per year than those without a degree. Here’s what all employers should be considering if they want to attract the top talent to form the future of their business.

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Determined dreamers

Most current undergraduates were born post-1995, which makes them part of Gen Z. This is a demographic known for being ambitious, entrepreneurial and hard-working, which makes them attractive yet discerning employees. 71% believe they can make a “big impact in the world,” but 72% don’t have faith that companies have their best interests at heart. This shows that Gen Z can be an asset to their employers, but they need to feel valued and empowered in order to thrive at work.

A fresh perspective

As the oldest members of this generation enter the workforce, employers are finding that they can bring an inspiring creative energy to their roles. They have a fresh perspective and an open mind, thanks to growing up in more diverse communities, with access to a whole world of culture through the internet.

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Culture is key

Gen Z are willing to work hard and commit to their jobs, but they have high expectations from their employers in return. The ideal workplace in their view is one which encourages collaboration and dispenses with unnecessary bureaucracy, following the model of the startup scene and the tech giants it has spawned, such as Google, Apple and Facebook. Perks such as free healthcare and gym membership are appealing, but nothing will inspire loyalty more than a positive work culture.

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