5 ways AI will change student life forever

We recently wrote about the innovations that are improving student life, but what about the technology of the future? Artificial intelligence is already part of daily life for many students, and this will only increase as the technology is integrated in new ways. Here are just a few examples of how AI is going to revolutionise the student experience.

Personalised education

Bill Gates has predicted that Artificially Intelligent Tutoring Systems (AITS) will transform learning. Rather than having a class full of students learning the same information and ideas at the same pace, in the future they will have a personally tailored program of development. This will benefit students of all abilities and ages.


Smart speakers

Alexa’s powers aren’t limited to playing your favourite song on Spotify and telling you if it’ll rain today. Today’s popular AI assistants have many educational skills, from interactive learning activities to updates on campus events. Amazon’s Echo Dot device is already in use at Arizona State University as a way to keep students informed and connected.

Next level security

Security is an increasing concern at universities and many institutions are looking at ways to better protect students by keeping track of who is on campus using innovative technology such as facial recognition. Similar technology can also improve data security, ensuring that only the authorised individuals can access private and sensitive information.

Mental health bots

Mental health and anxiety are issues that have come to the forefront in recent years as students face increased pressure to perform, and deal with the influence of social media on their lives. Bots such as Woebot, which recently raised $8 million in funding, make mental health advice and support more accessible and less intimidating for young people.


Delivery robots

The delivery industry has grown exponentially in the past decade, with student favourites such as Deliveroo and Postmates among the success stories. Many companies are now trialling delivery robots as a method of increasing the number of deliveries that are achievable, without requiring more human staff.

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