The influential students representing a new generation of girl power

Growing up with access to a world of information and culture via the internet has created a generation of young people who are intelligent, aware and engaged in world issues. The rise of feminism among this cohort has inspired young female students to be ambitious and achieve their goals, in areas from academia and activism to sports and entertainment. This includes the young influencers who have chosen education over celebrity, and are currently studying at top universities.

Here are five star students that represent the inspiring young women who are set to become the world leaders of tomorrow.

Malala Yousafzai, Oxford

As a world-renowned activist and bestselling author, it was no surprise that Malala Yousafzai was accepted into Oxford, named the best university in the world in the 2018 Times Higher Education ranking. Not only that, but she is studying Philosophy, Politics and Economic, the same as several British Prime Ministers.

Malia Obama, Harvard

The Obama sisters may have led a private life so far, but with parents like Barack and Michelle, you know they have a bright future ahead. After a gap year where she took internships in the film industry and travelled to Bolivia and Peru, 19-year-old Malia is now studying at America’s most prestigious college, Harvard.

Yara Shahidi, Harvard

Another Harvard student with a connection to the Obama family is Yara Shahidi, the actress who was an ambassador of Michelle’s International Day of the Girl. She even received a letter of recommendation from Michelle when she applied to Harvard, which undoubtedly helped the 18-year-old TV star get into every university she applied to.

Katie Ledecky, Stanford

In the US, sport is often as big a part of the university experience as academics. Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky is a student at Stanford University in California, and of course, she’s also a star member of the swim team. She’s currently training for the 2020 Olympics, while simultaneously studying for a degree in psychology.

Amandla Stenberg, NYU

Like Yara, Amandla Stenberg is another actress who has used her celebrity status to campaign for causes she believes in. The Hunger Games star has spoken out about cultural appropriation, intersectional feminism and other issues. In 2016, she announced she would be attending New York University to study film.

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