Meet Barrie: Art Director at Student Beans

In the latest of our Meet the Team series, we chat to Barrie, who leads our Creative team. As one of the company's longest running employees, he discusses his proudest moments, the exciting times ahead, and what makes Student Beans a fun and rewarding place to work.

What has been the highlight of your time at Student Beans so far?

Wow, there’s been so many. White water rafting at Lee Valley, our company sports days, the release of our app and student cookbook, hosting our own Battle of the Bands. But one thing that does stand out is the image of our founders Mike and James on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street when being asked to advise on local business. This image sticks in my mind and makes me feel very proud to be part of a thriving company.  

DowningStreet (1).jpg

What’s your top tip for people interested in working in design?

To work in design you need to have a toolbox of skills but to pick just one it would be having the ability to get on with people. You have to be approachable. When solving design problems or creating new ideas you have to collaborate and to arrive at the best solutions often means exposing deep, inner thoughts that can be just a thread of an idea but will not be given the chance to grow unless drawn out in the open. The environment needs to be friendly and open to allow this to happen.

What are you most looking forward to at work in 2018?

England winning the World Cup, of course! The expansion of Student Beans into international territories has been phenomenal. It’s very exciting, seeing the company grow all over the world but it forces us to collaborate more and explore new ways of working together. I find this very exciting.


What do you think sets Student Beans apart from other companies in the sector?

It’s quite simple, we are a nice company to work with. I know this might seem fluffy but it’s true. Many companies struggle to make that personal connection with their clients but we take the time to look after our clients and manage their needs.

What’s the no.1 thing that makes you stay at Student Beans?

Again, there are a number of things but if I was to pick just one, I’d say the friendly atmosphere. Everyone in the business is approachable no matter what their seniority is. We all chip in to help make projects a success. One of our core values is ‘Be Humble’ and I feel we really embrace this.

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