Student News Update: May 2018

What’s been going on in the student community this month? Here are the latest updates, from Portugal to Massachusetts and everywhere in between.

The Portuguese government has come up with a great scheme to encourage more people to go into higher education. Students who pass their first year of university will be rewarded with free train travel to anywhere in the country. This means they can travel to and from their university and enjoy day trips to see the beautiful sights around Portugal without paying a cent.

Earlier this year a survey by Revolt Sexual Assault found that 70% of female students had experienced sexual harassment, yet only 10% had reported it to the police. This month their campaign to raise awareness of sexual violence on campus and fight for more support for victims launched nationally. The group is publishing stories from victims, using Snapchat filters to allow them to speak freely and anonymously.

Great news for London, where our UK HQ is based - the British capital has been voted the best place to be a student according to a new survey by QS higher education group. 50,000 students took part, and London beat previous winners Paris and Montreal to claim the top spot. They liked that it is a truly international city with great job opportunities and cultural attractions.

A grad student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is making headlines with his futuristic invention, AlterEgo. Arnav Kapur’s device enables the user to communicate simply by thinking of words, which are then displayed on a screen. This could be the next tech trend to follow on from voice assistants like Alexa. Arnav appeared on US TV series 60 Minutes to demonstrate how it works, including using it to order a pepperoni pizza.

A fake expert on student debt, who has been quoted by The Washington Post and CNBC, has been exposed. In fact the writer, named Drew Cloud, doesn’t even exist! The Chronicle of Higher Education revealed that he was invented by student loan refinancing company LendEDU. Was it a coincidence that his financial advice usually suggested refinancing your student loan?

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