What students really want from fashion brands

Here at Student Beans, we make it our mission to learn all about what today’s students really care about when it comes to shopping and spending, so we can empower our brand partners to give their student customers the best possible service and win their loyalty for years to come. Our latest research into student consumer habits is available in our free Student Shopping Report 2018. As a taster, here are some of the key insights for the fashion industry.

Fair prices

Students are very savvy shoppers, especially those who shop more frequently. Our student panel told us they always check prices online before they buy, even if they’ve found the item they want in store. They will make sure they get the best price possible, even if that means waiting longer to get it. This includes checking student discount platforms like Student Beans.


We spoke to stylish students who said they browse ecommerce sites every day, but only make purchases a few times a month, usually when they receive money such as student loan payments or part time job wages. Offering users a way to save products for later by keeping them in their basket or creating a wishlist means they won’t forget the items they wanted when the money comes in.

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Affordable delivery

Our student survey revealed that one of the most common causes of online shopping basket abandonment is when delivery is too expensive. We recommend that brands offer free delivery, even if that offer is exclusive to students. Get in touch to find out about partnering with Student Beans to offer a student-only freebie.

Free returns

A growing trend is for fashion brands to offer free returns or a pay later option, to make online purchases feel less risky. The students we spoke to said this would “definitely 100%” make them more likely to buy, because they were apprehensive about spending money on something that may not fit or look good in person. 55% have chosen to buy from one retailer over another because of free returns.

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An ethical approach

Ethical practices such as using environmentally friendly materials and production methods are an increasingly important factor for Gen Z, who feel strongly about protecting the planet. One of our student panel said: “I think it’s nice when you buy something and see the brand is involved in charity or they are environmentally friendly. It makes me want to buy more.”

Student discounts

87% of students we surveyed use student discounts, and most are doing so regularly. 67% use them at least once a month. 77% have bought from one retailer over another for this reason. Fashion brands who don’t offer a discount are likely to be missing out on substantial revenue driven by student sales each year.

Click here to download our Student Shopping Report 2018 for more insights on how your brand can maximise your student sales and win over this influential young consumer group.