5 things every retailer can do to win more student customers

At Student Beans we work with the world’s biggest brands to help them increase their student revenue. An important part of this is keeping our brand partners up-to-date on the latest youth consumer trends by conducting and sharing research such as our brand new 2018 Student Shopping Report.

To create the report, we surveyed over 550 current students of UK colleges and universities, and spoke to a panel of students at our London HQ. We gained some fascinating insights about students shopping and spending habits, including many actionable ideas which are included in the report. Here are five from the Online Shopping section:

1. Allow users to save their shopping basket or create a wishlist

Our student panel said they often browse online stores looking for things they want to buy when they have money, such as when their next student loan or wages from their part time job come through.


2. Use innovations such as VR and 360 degree video to give online customers the physical product experience

Students still like to check out an item in-store before they buy so they know what it really looks like, especially if it's a higher value purchase. Encourage more online sales by using tech to recreate the physical experience.

3. In-store prices need to match online deals. Students always Google before they buy.

Students are savvy shoppers, and are usually happy to wait for an item to be delivered if it means they save money. They always have their smartphone on hand to check online prices while in-store.

4. Keep delivery charges low or offer free delivery for student customers

Our student survey revealed the no. 1 reason why they abandon their shopping basket is when they discover the store has high delivery charges. Review your charges, or even offer a free delivery deal for students via Student Beans to secure their custom.

5. Consider free returns and a pay later option to increase impulse buys

Free returns and pay later are two trends we're increasingly seeing in fashion ecommerce, and the students we spoke to said these risk-evading offers make them more likely to buy online without seeing a product in person.

Looking for more insights and ideas like these? Click here to access a free digital copy of the report, and get in touch to find out how Student Beans could boost your brand’s student marketing activities.