How to win student customers on social media

The stereotype of young people today is that they’re never off their phone, constantly checking social media. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get their attention, as they’re bombarded with information and sales messaging on apps like Instagram and Twitter. Brands who successfully market to young people are the ones who have learnt how to cut through the noise. Here are our top five tips...

Go where they are

Even if your brand is super relevant to students, sitting back and waiting for them to come to you is not going to work. It’s crucial to have a presence on the platforms they use. The student panel we spoke to in creating our 2018 Shopping Report said their favourite place to follow brands is Instagram.

Collaboration is key

Struggling to get students to follow your brand? That’s not the only way to get into their social media feeds. Consider influencer marketing and content partnerships with brands and platforms that have an existing, engaged student following, such as Student Beans.

Speak their language

To win over a young audience, your content needs to be fun, vibrant, shareable and relatable. Use accessible, relevant language with plenty of pop culture references and memes - just be careful not to try too hard. This savvy group can see right through it.

Be available

Gen Z have grown up in a world with unlimited information and resources via the internet, so they don’t just appreciate good customer service online: they expect it. Make sure to respond promptly to tweets and Facebook messages as you would customer emails or phone calls to earn students’ trust and respect.

Be student friendly

Letting your student users know about your brand’s student discount is a surefire way to get into their feeds. Students love to share offers with friends, as our recent research revealed, and student-specific deals feel more special and relevant as they make clear that your brand really values its student customers.

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