7 facts from our 2018 Shopping Survey that will change what you think of students

We recently released our Student Beans Student Shopping Report for 2018, the results of our research into the shopping and spending habits of the UK’s student population. To create this report, we worked with youth insights agency YouthSight to survey over 550 current students aged 16-22, and the results were fascinating - including some stats that will challenge your preconceptions of student life.

The following facts are just a little taste of what you’ll find in our Student Shopping Report.

1. Students prefer buying technology products in-store to online. 51% of those we surveyed would buy a new smartphone from a physical store, compared to 43% who said they’d rather order online and have it delivered.

2. The stereotype that women shop more than men is definitely not true among our students. In fact, more of the males we surveyed shop online at least once a week than the females. Overall, both genders shop online regularly - 81% do so at least once a month.

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3. 64% of students prefer to pay for a meal out by card, and within that group, they favour contactless payment over chip and pin. Surprisingly, only 4% have gotten into the app payment trend, and almost a third still prefer using cash.

4. 46% of students have a job alongside their studies, which gives them more disposable income. These spending-savvy students are also more likely to use student discounts, which makes them a great target audience for youth brands.

5. We knew students love food (we are named after baked beans, after all!) but even we were impressed by how often they like to eat out. 83% said they do so at least once a month, and there was little difference between those in big cities and small towns.

6. Most students are now in a mobile phone contract, whether that’s a SIM only or standard contract. Only 19% are on pay as you go, and that number decreases to 16% if you don’t include students under the age of 18.

7. You might think students are too cash-strapped to go on holiday, but actually they love to take advantage of travel deals such as those on Student Beans. 81% of students go on holiday at least once a year, and most international students take at least two holidays a year.

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