7 apps students can’t get enough of

98% of people aged 16-20 own a smartphone, and on average they spend four hours accessing the internet via their phone every day. Much of that time is spent on apps, from games to social networks, streaming to shopping, and more. Here are 7 apps that everyone marketing to students should know about.

HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia repackages the TV game show for a new era. The interactive app allows users to take part in twice-daily live quiz shows and compete to win a share of a cash prize. Up to 2 million people take part in each game, and the startup just raised $15 million in funding.


A third of Gen Z in the US consider mindfulness important to their health, according to research by J. Walter Thompson Intelligence. Apps such as Headspace make meditation and other relaxation techniques accessible and less intimidating to a younger demographic.


Houseparty is one of the fastest growing social apps with young people, especially in the US. It enables users to set up group video chats, bringing together friends who can’t meet up in person, such as students at different universities or colleges.


Here’s one you’ll certainly recognise, but did you know that as of 2017, 92% of students had a Netflix account? The streaming platform is fast replacing traditional TV for this audience, and showing that the generation who love YouTube are willing to pay for quality content.  


It’s often said that Gen Z don’t use Facebook, but in fact they do - simply in a different way to older people. Students prefer Facebook’s Messenger app to Whatsapp for planning group projects with classmates as it doesn’t require sharing phone numbers.


WeChat is not only the biggest messaging app in China, but it’s spreading fast around the globe. The 500,000 Chinese students studying abroad certainly play a part in introducing the app to friends and classmates. WeChat recently reached the milestone of 1 billion user accounts.

Student Beans

Well, we couldn’t write about the most popular student apps without including our own! The Student Beans app is used by verified students in 52 countries worldwide to get the best deals on the brands they love, including Google, Domino’s, Topshop and many more.

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