5 ways to find your first job in engineering

Here at Student Beans we employ developers, designers and product managers as part of our in-house engineering team. Our engineers are based in our London, Birmingham and Manchester offices, and work on projects including the Student Beans website and app. We recruit engineers at all levels of experience, from those who are experts in their field to talented graduates looking for their first role.

Here are our top tips for those looking to get a start in engineering.

1. Create a website to show off your skills

Having your own website is a must for any web developer or designer. Not only can you include a portfolio of the most impressive projects you’ve worked on, and testimonials from clients and colleagues, but the site itself is a chance to show off what you can do.

2. Attend networking events

From meetups to conferences, there are loads of ways to meet people in the tech industry, from potential employers to future colleagues and friends. Use Google and social media to find local event listings, and make sure to check out our networking tips before you go.

3. Find out which companies need your skills

Make sure you’re applying to roles that match your skills and experience by finding out which software and programming languages companies use, and which areas of the business they are looking to grow. You can find out this info for Student Beans on our Careers site here.

4. Make yourself discoverable

Don’t wait for your perfect job to fall into your lap - life rarely works out that way. It doesn’t matter how great your CV and portfolio are if no-one sees them. Get yourself on LinkedIn, Twitter, and relevant platforms such as AngelList and Behance.

5. Prepare for interviews

Whether you’ve secured any interviews yet or not, it’s never too early to get ready - after all, you never know who you might meet at that next networking event. Think about how you will answer questions such as your future goals, and practice talking about your experience in a clear and compelling way.

Feeling ready to look for your big break? Check out our current job openings here.