15 fascinating facts about students around the world

Did you know that Student Beans can verify over 163 million students in more than 50 different countries worldwide? Our international reach is one of many reasons why global brands partner with us to run their student loyalty programs.

If your brand has world domination in its sights, getting students on board is key. Here are 15 facts you should know about students across the globe.

1. In Brazil, graduates typically earn 2.5 times as much as those who didn’t go to university, making Brazilian students an especially valuable demographic.

2. French students take university seriously. They pay attention, turn off their phones, and even dress smartly, at least compared to the casual look common in the US or UK.

3. Rather than student accommodation, university students in Germany tend to live in flatshares known as Wohngemeinschaft (WG for short).

4. The oldest currently operating university in Europe is The University of Bologna, Italy, which was founded in 1088. It beats Oxford University by just 8 years.

5. In China, private universities are viewed as inferior to state-owned institutions - the opposite of the US.

6. A quirky tradition in China is for female students to wear a wedding dress for their graduation. Taking photos with classmates is the main priority of the day.

7. Italian and Argentinian students have a rather different graduation tradition - they wear costumes and are (lovingly) humiliated in a public hazing ceremony.

8. Scandinavian students have a tradition of wearing boiler suits to parties. Their colour reflects the student’s area of study, and they are decorated with badges over the years.

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9. During the Freshers period, Australian students take part in Prosh Week - a week of challenges that range from daring to embarrassing, with trophies for the winning teams.

10. In Canada, co-op programs are increasingly popular. This is where students work and study at the same time, making them better prepared to get a job after graduation.

11. Undergraduate degrees in the Netherlands are broad, allowing students to try a variety of subjects, before specialising in their Masters. It’s rare not to continue to Masters level.

12. The biggest decorated ball in Europe, the Polyball, takes place at the prestigious Swiss university ETH Zurich each November. Around 9,000 people dance in 20 different ballrooms.

13. If you want to find the next business moguls, try Harvard University. It has produced the most living billionaires: 131, as of 2017.

14. Meanwhile, it’s Cambridge University in the UK that has produced the most Nobel Prize Laureates. The current total is 98, but we bet they’ll be passing 100 soon enough.

15. Japanese universities are tough to get into, but once there, student life is as much about fun as studying. There is a big culture of partying and extracurricular activities (“bukatsu”).

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