Student News Update: March 2018

This month students have been taking a stand for the causes they believe in. Here are the latest updates on student life in the UK and around the world.

So tell us what you want, what you really really want

An anonymous academic wrote in The Guardian this week about a survey they had conducted with 1,000 students at their university, which revealed what students really think about their professors. The key takeaway from the study was that students wished to be treated with more respect and humanity by their teachers. This insight reflects how students feel towards brands, and explains why transparency and personalisation are among the key retail trends for the Gen Z audience in 2018.

Students take a stand against pension cuts

While high school students in the US were taking a stand against gun violence in this week’s National School Walkout, university students in the UK were also making their views heard. Across the country, students have been protesting in solidarity with university staff who are striking against proposed changes to their pension plans. Students are taking action in the form of joining picket lines, writing to their vice-chancellors and raising awareness of the issue on social media.

And we say thank you for the students

A report from the Higher Education Policy Institute has revealed that international students are worth an incredible £20bn to the UK economy. Not only do their tuition fees contribute to the British education system, but their spending while living in the UK is a substantial boost to local businesses. As the most popular city for overseas students, London benefits to the tune of £4.6bn. Around 230,000 international students come to the UK each year, making up approximately 10% of the student population.

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