Meet Chris: Lead Product Designer at Student Beans

This week we're introducing you to another member of our engineering team here at Student Beans, our Lead Product Designer, Chris (pictured right). Here's an insight into his role and life at SB, and the exciting things he and the rest of the team will be involved with in the year ahead.

What has been the highlight of your time at Student Beans so far?

Seeing us launch Student Beans internationally. It's a challenge and everything we design and build now has to be considered globally, but seeing us open offices around the world and the products I work on everyday being used internationally is exciting. 

What’s your top tip for people interested in working in product design?

I'd say that Business and Communication are underrated skills for a successful Product Designer. You can't address problems if you can't identify them or understand why you're solving them, and you won't get your solutions correctly executed if you can't effectively communicate them to your team.

What are you most looking forward to at work in 2018?

The growth of the team. The engineering and product team is continuously growing and this ultimately means we'll be able have more focus on areas of our products; making smarter decisions, faster iterations, and getting more quality products in the hands of our users.

What do you think sets Student Beans apart from other companies in the sector?

I think the freedom and trust to try new approaches. The same way we build products is echoed in our workflow. It's never finished. Our workflow here is constantly being iterated, and suggestions and pain points can be raised from any member. We all just want to build great things efficiently and everyone's accountable. 

What’s the no.1 thing that makes you stay at Student Beans?

I know it's cliche to say it's hard to pick one thing, but there are genuinely lots of reasons to stick around. I think it all has to fall back on the culture and the individuals that work here though. If the people you work with every day are hell, even if your job was to pet furry animals all day it would suck!

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