Student News Update: February 2018

Does your brand strive to reach a student audience? Here are the news stories and latest student insights you need to know about this month.

Students are doing it for themselves

A new study by the bank Santander has shown that today’s students have a strong entrepreneurial streak. More than 25% of university students in the UK either currently run their own business, or plan to do so in the future. Student entrepreneurs have a collective turnover of over £1 billion, rising 32% from the 2016 figure of £913 million. The reasons for starting businesses included financial motivations, as well as the desire to turn a hobby into a career. The typical kinds of businesses that students run include technology (27%), arts (17%) and textiles (9%). The trend reflects other research into Gen Z, which has shown that they are savvy consumers with a drive to achieve their ambitious goals.

A win for the Welsh

The Welsh government confirmed this month that they will be launching a new scheme offering Welsh students funding in the form of a grant that they won’t need to pay back. Undergraduate students starting university this year will be given at least £1,000 a year, and some will receive up to £10,000 a year. The maintenance grants will be means tested, and aim to make further education more accessible to people from all financial backgrounds. The Welsh Education Secretary Kirsty Williams said, “We have designed a new package of support to alleviate concerns that both parents and students share. This will allow students to focus on their studies without having to worry about how they are going to afford their day-to-day living costs.” The amount received will vary based on where the students are studying, increasing if they move away from home. Those living in London will receive the largest grants, as detailed here.

International students champion the UK

The website Study.EU just released their 2018 ranking of European countries based on the opinions of international students at EU universities. While Germany came out top overall with a rating of 80/100, the UK was voted a close second with 75 points, and it was chosen as the best country in the key categories of Education, Life and Career. The only factors that held it back were the high tuition fees and cost of living, which means international students who come to the UK are often from wealthier backgrounds. Student discounts, such as those offered via Student Beans, are among the ways that international and British students make life more affordable, enabling them to enjoy the many benefits of studying at UK universities.

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