Meet Naya: Senior Customer Success Manager at Student Beans

Since joining Student Beans earlier this year, Naya has become an integral part of our US team, leading Customer Success Management and forming strong relationships with our brand partners. Here’s what she had to say about her time at the company so far and exciting plans for the year ahead.


What is it like working in the Student Beans New York office?

There is a unique feeling of genuine trust and respect among everyone. I have never worked with a group of colleagues that are so smart and responsible, and whom I never have to worry about slacking, and in turn possibly affecting the team's workflow. Most importantly, there is also no lack of laughter or positivity in the office, which is why I love coming to work every day.

What has been the highlight of your time at Student Beans so far?

I recently had the chance to work out of the London office for a week, and got to meet the team there. There is so much talent and personality that drives Student Beans, it was really great to work alongside everyone - albeit short.

As one of our newer team members, in what ways do you feel the company has changed since you joined?

Everything! Which is expected of a company at this stage of its expansion. I was impressed to see how quickly the company was able to understand the differences in the US market and then adjust accordingly.

What are you most looking forward to at work in the year ahead?

Seeing our presence and footprint grow globally, especially in the US. The adoption of new features and concepts as we adjust to different markets and student trends will be very exciting!

What do you think sets Student Beans apart from other companies in the sector?

The culture and the people. Our ability to adapt is the key, however, it's our ability to almost always respond with the correct changes that guarantees our growth and success. This can be accredited to the great people we have at every level of the company.

What’s your top tip for people interested in a career as a Customer Success Manager?

Learn everything. Your ability to understand the sales process, the product, marketing strategies and different businesses really becomes an asset when working with clients across all different sectors.

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