Exclusive Student Beans report: What do college students want from your brand?

In 2018, brands across all sectors are recognising the value of the student market, and implementing strategies to grow their student sales.

In the US, there are 23 million students currently enrolled in college, which represents almost 10% of the total adult population. The student market is not only large, but valuable. As a group, their annual spending power is estimated at $404 billion. As our brand new Student Shopping Report reveals, students receive income from a variety of sources, and spend regularly on both everyday items such as groceries, and treats such as fashion, tech and going out.

Winning over student customers can pay dividends not just in the short term, but for years to come. If you want to create brand loyalty with the next generation of successful young professionals, you need to get current students on board. College graduates earn $1 million more in their lifetime than non-graduates.

Here at Student Beans, every week brands come to us asking for our latest insights on students and their shopping and spending habits. This year we have conducted our research by surveying over 500 US-based students aged 18-25, and running a focus group with a selection of college students from across the country. This report showcases our findings.

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