Student Discounts. Sorted.


We are Student Beans

As the World's Leading Student Loyalty Network we help hundreds of global brands run their own student discount programs using our award-winning student verification technology via their websites, apps and stores.

Our mission is to provide students worldwide access to the best discounts from the biggest brands, using market-leading technology that is well designed, simple to use and always reliable.


About Student Beans


What We Do

At Student Beans we are committed to the delivery of student discounts from the brands that young people love. We work with over 500 brands, and our software can verify 163 million students in 52 different countries. We serve two distinct audiences, students and our business partners.

For Students
For our student users, we provide the Student Beans website and app. This gives students a directory of discounts at their fingertips, to use both online and in-store.

For Partners
Our partners consist of brands and publishers. We provide a global student verification and marketing network for brands, and discount syndication for publishers.

Who We Are

Student Beans has been helping brands understand, access and engage the student audience since 2005. We are a team of creative people, with the shared goal of offering the best service for our users and partners, and having fun while doing it. We’re very proud of our unique company culture, which is friendly, flexible and dynamic. Our HQ is in London, while we also have offices in Birmingham, Manchester, New York, Singapore, and more to come!


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